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A new update is coming! Version 1.1 is currently under development, and will include a few new features. First of all, attached is an image of the new Absorb Hex! This spell is unlocked after level 10. It does 8 damage to enemy aliens, and "absorbs" half of that damage, healing you! This can be useful in situations where you have low health but can fire a lot of projectiles at once, healing you! The Absorb Hex is made out of 3 Plant Matter (Poison has been renamed to Plant Matter and the asset has been changed).  Also coming in this update are two new cannon upgrades: Power and Defense! Power increases the speed of projectiles fired (with a max level of 25), and Defense reduces the damage you take from enemies (with a max of 75%). Another major feature is a Pre-Mission Screen, which will give you some info about the level you are starting, show you your cannon and hotbar, roughly predict your chance of success, and simply help you decide if you want to start a mission or prepare a little more. There are some small changes coming as well, such as improving gifts, fixing bugs, and improving the boss battle. We hope you look forward to and enjoy this new update!

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