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Labyrinth Quest 1.1.5


Solve small puzzles and fight enemies to navigate through the labyrinth. 


  • Solve a variety of different obstacles and puzzles 
  • Play story mode or treasure mode 
  • Complete 75 levels 
  • 5 different areas, each with their own obstacles, enemies, items, and effects
  • 2 gamemodes
  • 5 boss battles
  • Battle different enemies with an array of different weapons 
  • Collect interesting treasures 
  • A full level editor, to create your own levels 
  • Great soundtrack adopted from Eric Matyas 
  • Configurable controls


Programmed by Daniel Gaull (Duoplus Software) 

Sound Effects from freesound.org 

(Full credits inside the game)


Directory for Troubleshooting Pages (WIP): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PRMgfmJslWmMWJvDn4lPkEOYlVlQwvt_fjQkZlnXZaA/...

Update Log 

1.1.5 (1/30/2019):

  • Changed textures:
    • Wood
    • Metal
    • Chaotic Wood
    • Tree
    • Mine
    • Fire Mine
    • Aqua Mine
    • Chaos Mine
    • Treasure Mine
    • Ice Mine
    • Ice Wall
    • Ice
    • Dynamite Wall
  • Some projectiles are now slightly affected by gravity
  • Cloud (wall variant) w/ smaller hitbox than normal walls
  • The level editor now includes a "Can Interact" option for enemies
    • Setting this to false will prevent enemies from being damaged, moving, attacking the player, or making sounds
  • New types of Decorations, which can be set for each level in the level editor:
    • No decorations
    • Cave decorations: skulls, bones, broken tools, cracks
    • Wild decorations: flowers, leaves, sticks
    • Ice decorations: frozen plants, snow
  • 6 issues fixed:
    • Issue #15: You can interact with the window using the mouse even if the window isn't active
    • Issue #16: FPS rounds to 5 decimal places instead of displaying a whole number
    • Issue #18: Variant isn't reset when switching between items, causing crashes and incorrect behavior
    • Issue #19: Key doors placed are sometimes invisible
    • Issue #20: BG color button doesn't change color when a level is imported
    • Issue #21: Can't override a cell of the same type, even if it has a different color or variant

1.1.4 (11/6/2018): 

  • Added mouse fade in/fade out effect during credits 
  • Slightly changed dangerous sludge graphics 
  • Increased radioactivity of dangerous sludge 
  • Increased jump height 
  • Level number now displayed in the pause menu 
  • 6 issues fixed:
    • Issue #9: Ice replaced with a brown door in classic levels 
    • Issue #10: Orcorus drops the wrong key 
    • Issue #11: Ctrl+W popup shows when credits are playing 
    • Issue #12: Mouse is still hidden once credits finish 
    • Issue #13: Story plays when treasure level 1 is selected 
    • Issue #14: Crash due to installation error 

1.1.3 (11/1/2018): 

  • 1 issue fixed: 
    • Issue #8: Dynamite and dynamite walls don't save correctly, and therefore don't load in with their respective colors 
  • Small installation patch 

1.1.2 (10/29/2018): 

  • Small patches to fix installation issues 

1.1.1 (10/28/2018): 

  • Removed doom particles from ravine 
  • 2 issues fixed:
    • Issue #6: Intro doesn't play 
    • Issue #7: Bridge doesn't have correct rotation when ravine is rotated 

1.1 (10/27/2018): 

  • Completely new level file format, with a lot of new features for custom levels:
    • Rotatable Special Tiles and Walls 
    • Can set the background color of the level 
    • You can set the color of keys and key doors to whatever you want, and key doors can only be opened with keys of the same color
    • All the previous colors of keys and key doors are presets in the color editor window 3 new preset colors: Light Blue, Gray, and Brown Green key color changed to a softer, lighter shade 
    • Colored dynamite - Like keys, only works with Dynamite Walls of the same color
      • Comes with 10 color presets 
    • You can modify the color of cobwebs 
    • You can modify the color of guards and warriors 
    • Ability to set independent variants of walls and mines (such as fire walls, aqua walls, etc.):
      • Two new variants of wall: 
        • Bush and Ice Wall (perhaps some new levels in the future...?) 
      •  Ability to add a river, lava river, River Lethe, or ravine with the bridge already installed (for decorational purposes) 
      • Right clicking opens a dropdown that allows you to modify the properties of a cell (the previously mentioned color, rotation, variant, etc.) 
      • Three tools in the level editor: Place, Delete, and Override 
      • Levels stored in the old format can still be loaded in the new format 
      • You can no longer use bosses in custom levels 
      • New variant of the mine: Ice mine 
      • Ability to modify the particles of a level 
      • Ability  to set level effects (underwater, fire damage, etc.)
      • Decorations

        • Decorations (skulls, broken tools, flowers, etc.) will be spread out in levels 
        • This is random, and decorations have a chance to appear in any cell that isn't occupied 
        • Slight change to gravity for players and items (in platforming levels) 
  • 5 issues fixed:
    • Issue #1: When saving user in settings, the user can't save unless they change their username since a user with that name already exists 
    • Issue #2: Items are the incorrect size in the Level Editor 
    • Issue #3: Crash after completing last treasure level  
    • Issue #4: Explosions don't damage the player 
    • Issue #5: Very rare bug where taking damage freezes the player


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