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MazeSnake 1.1

Solve mazes, collect powerups, and build up your collection of snakes!

MazeSnake is a 2D game in which the player (that is, you) is a snake. You try to solve as many mazes as you can, in order to collect XP and level up. However, each maze has some powerups, which will assist you in your maze-solving by allowing you to teleport, break walls, and more! You can also collect coins, which can be used to purchase more snakes or just get some powerups, as well as get XP to level up. As you progress through the game, the mazes will get harder, and eventually become timed. Your goal is to get to as high a level as possible!

Additionally, MazeSnake includes achievements. You can get these by completing mazes, collecting powerups, and grabbing coins. Achievements will reward you with coins and XP.


  • Easy and Hard Maze Solving
  • Coins and Powerups
  • A shop with powerups and snakes
  • Achievements
  • XP and Leveling system
  • A Free Gift every 22 hours
  • And More!

Level Unlocks:

  • Levels 1-4: Easy Mazes
  • Levels 5-14: Hard Mazes
  • Levels 15+: Timed Hard Mazes


Move: WASD or Arrow Keys

Pause: Escape

Use Powerup:

  • Speed: Alt+S
  • Teleport: Alt+T
  • Wall-Breaker: Alt+W
  • Forcefield: Alt+F
  • Freeze: Alt+R

Exit Game Shortcut: Ctrl+W

System Requirements


  • Windows 7 or higher.
  • At least 1 GB of available space.

Update Log



  • Enemies
  • Two new powerups
    • Freeze: Pauses timer for a short amount of time
    • Forcefield: Makes you immune to enemies for a short amount of time
  • Two new skins: Cosmic Snake and Pixel Snake
  • Gamemodes
    • Classic: The current game mode, where you race the clock and avoid enemies
    • Freeplay: No timer and no enemies; just solving mazes
    • Star Mode: You have 60 seconds to collect all 7 stars in the maze (no enemies)
  • XP and leveling have been removed
    • Timer starts from the beginning (in Classic Mode and Star Mode)
    • No more "easy" mazes: Now always uses "harder" algorithm
  • Streaks (Classic Mode only)
    • Number of mazes completed in a row without failure builds up your streak
    • You earn coins for solving mazes based on your streak
    • Streaks end when you either run out of time, are caught by an enemy, or return to the main menu/exit the game
  • New stats and achievements
  • New status effect display
  • New timer display
  • Improved textbox
  • Mute button on start menu
  • Exit credits with Escape key
  • Wall-Breaker is now known as "Electric Powerup"
  • Removed Finish/Skip powerup
  • Electric Powerup now lasts 2.5 seconds (from 2 seconds)
  • Removed "Gee, thanks" mystery achievement and Easter egg
  • More small changes and bug fixes



  • Added missing translations



  • New Skins: Old Snake, Young Snake, Homecoming Snake, and Builder Snake!
  • Added custom sound effects for each powerup
  • Added a few missing translations
  • Bug Fixes & Code Cleanup



  • Fixed positioning with XP cost in shop
  • Added more spacing to credits to make them easier to read



  • New Skin: Polka Dot Snake!
  • Increased text size when buying XP
  • Fixed Explosion Flickering
  • Removed Electric Eel skin (Achievement Reward)
  • Various Bug Fixes
Updated 25 days ago
Release date Dec 23, 2016
AuthorDuoplus Software
Made withMonoGame, Paint.net, Audacity, XNA
Tags2D, windows
LicenseApache License 2.0
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish; Castilian
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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