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MazeSnake 1.1 is complete! I just have to do a bit of tidying up and prepare it for release (12/23). But there is an issue.


I've encountered a problem with moving the game to Monogame, which is a more modern platform for developing games and makes it possible to maybe port MazeSnake to Mac and Linux users as well. The original version of MazeSnake (the one everyone probably has right now) was created in something called XNA. Well, with the way users are saved, Monogame is unable to read the user files created by XNA. 


What does this mean? It means that all of your users from MazeSnake 1.0.6 and earlier will NOT be available in MazeSnake 1.1. However, the first user that you create in MazeSnake 1.1 will have 1,000 coins, as an apology for the loss of your users.

Due to this issue, MazeSnake 1.0.6 will still be available for download on the website, under the name "MazeSnake XNA Edition 1.0.6". This way, if you want, you can still play the previous version with your previous users. Installing MazeSnake 1.1 won't delete your previous users, so you can have both versions of MazeSnake on your computer and even play them simultaneously. The users from the XNA Edition will be stored the old "Purasu" folder, while MazeSnake 1.1 users will be stored in the "Duoplus Software" folder.

We are sorry for this error; however, safeguards have been put in to ensure this doesn't happen again with our other games in the future.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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