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One Cannon, One Army

Save the world from the evil alien invasion using unique projectiles and cannons! · By Duoplus Software


Recent updates

1.1 Release Date
One Cannon, One Army is coming out on September 5th, 2018. The update is currently being tested and features a long list of additions and changes. Full changelo...
More Info on 1.1
Development on OCOA 1.1 is nearly complete, and testing will begin soon. The update is expected to come out sometime in September. One feature not previously me...
Version 1.1 News
A new update is coming! Version 1.1 is currently under development, and will include a few new features. First of all, attached is an image of the new Absorb He...
One Cannon, One Army Update in the Works
A new update to the game is currently in development. So far, this update will feature a new projectile, some new cannon upgrades, and several bug fixes and sma...
Initial Development Complete
Initial development for One Cannon, One Army is complete. I will begin testing with friends & family soon...
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